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    Hi all, anyone had a SG grant compleated in Lincolnshire recently? I have had the FEO out over 5 weeks ago, phoned up 2 weeks ago and was told I was 2nd from the top of the pile. But still refused to give me a time on how long it would be. Next week it will be 7 months.
    Finaly sorted, total 7 months and 1 week. I will add I had some history the police had to look into so it might be slightly less for stright forward grant.

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    Mine arrived today!

    Just slightly over 6 months....they quoted 5/6 months , so,near enough spot on

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    Just a heads up that West Mercia/Warwickshire have got the waiting time down from 9 months in December for a SGC or FAC to just two months now.

    They are however still behind on renewals which are still taking 10 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenex View Post
    oooooops .

    You have just been entered into a prize draw for spotting my deliberate mistake.

    Prizes will be handed out on 1st December 1966

    At least that's some partial good news, my be by the time my renewal is due they will be back up to speed.
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