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    Just an update on this, I discussed with the CPSA solicitors rep., ex-SO19 Firearms officer, he ran through what I should do when I re-apply, mainly because CPSA legal insurance does not cover appeals for new license refusals. Main thing he said to do when I re-apply as I had done very thing else suggested, was to provide character statements from well known friends. So I will wait 8-12 months and re-apply ands see what happens. The refusal letter did state ''not at this time'', so still hope. I have joined the BASC, as they do cover for new license application refusals, but hopefully when I do re-apply I do not have to follow that course. The main thing is this has not deterred me from giving up on the sport, I have taken my two daughters shooting three times so far, latest yesterday and they thoroughly enjoy the sport also.
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    How did you get on with your case in the end? did you ever get a shotgun licence?

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    Main, issue was caution/behind bound over for Affray back in 2009 - A domestic back in 2004
    Not really doing yourself any favours are you Mike. The police can revoke anyone's licence if they have a problem with domestic trouble, and if they can do that then they will more than likely want to refuse your application now rather than go through all the flack later on should you turn out to be another Derrick Bird.

    I suppose you have to look at it from their point of view; why would they want to give someone with a record a way of obtaining a gun and then get lambasted by the media for doing so when that person goes ape with that same gun.

    You are probably a nice chap who has made a few mistakes, but the police don't know that and would rather pass on the blame to someone else if things go wrong........ergo if you go through the legal process and finally obtain your SGC then they can always blame the legal system if things go wrong.

    I have read about quite a few young lads having a chequered youth and still getting their SGC and FAC, so I do wonder if there is a little more to your lifestyle that you haven't mentioned.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewan154 View Post
    How did you get on with your case in the end? did you ever get a shotgun licence?
    I have not progressed any further it is almost a year now and I am about to re-apply for the SG licence and see what happens, so will keep you posted on how that goes after I submit the application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeDundee View Post
    I have not progressed any further it is almost a year now and I am about to re-apply for the SG licence and see what happens, so will keep you posted on how that goes after I submit the application.
    Good luck, Mike .... and keep trying!

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    If you reapplied, what was the outcome?

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    I have only recently re-applied, about two weeks ago now and waiting to find out, no contact from Firearms officer yet, have also applied for an SG license for my daughter as she has been shooting since May this year.

    Wait and see!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeDundee View Post
    I meant an outline of my case and issues to the solicitor via e-mail, apologies for any confusion. However, I am compelled to write to the officer that sent the refusal letter. I am happy to discuss further over a PM rather than discuss in detail the issues relating to the refusal. Either way I understand why they have done so, but the way in which the refusal letter is worded makes it sound as if I am a risk to public safety even without having a shotgun license or one in my possession. I have worked in the public sector for over 21 years and have dealt with varying customers over those years visiting them in their homes, at meetings etc., including dealing with the Police, MP's, Local Councillors, and other local stakeholders. But then appears none of that is considered, both incidents referred too, were not in a public place and did not involve violence.

    In my opinion the Police in this instance are being overly cautious, without considering the full facts and the position of the individual now compared to then.

    Sorry to hear you was refused mate I think it's just down to them covering their arses and if they have any doubt won't issue. If they asked you to retract application that would have been better but from what I've read on the forums a refusal is worse.

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    Probably right in that a refusal is worse, but I know more now than I did before, the FAO was due round three weeks ago, but got cancelled due to a family bereavement, had a call yesterday from another FAO from Kent Police, and has arranged to come round this Thursday morning to see me and my daughter, so fingers crossed, but at the end of the day it is not the FA Officer that makes the final decision, and as always there is always hope, but also think that I will not get the licence given the previous refusal, so won't be aggrieved when I don't, but there is no reason why they cannot grant my daughter her licence. Let's wait and see.

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    Best wishes and hopes are with you. and your daughter.

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