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    Had the visit from the firearms officer last Thursday morning, discussed and showed him the refusal letter from 2015, the officer was quite positive and supportive albeit it not his final decision. He said he would call if he thought anything would change regarding the application, by that he meant a refusal. So fingers crossed.

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    Hi Folks, Update for you all, received another refusal letter a couple of weeks ago, I did speak to the officer prior to the decision being made and they had classed me as ''low risk'', but had to speak to his senior officer. In any case a refusal not just for me but also my daughter. Simply stated, ''The information below as that which was contained in my previous letter dated to you on 24 September 2015 (the previous refusal), and is still pertinent to the decision making process today , as it was then''.

    So essentially no matter what the passage of time and should I apply again in the future I think a refusal would still be the case. I have taken this up with the BASC, and yes I can pursue via their insurance. However, when I received the letter been to busy to take up the appeal. So I will look at this after August and seek legal advice as to whether there is a chance of winning the case at an appeal, this will determine whether I actually apply again later so I can then pursue an appeal.

    Well thanks for looking and forum members' feedback and earlier posts.

    Best regards


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    Sorry to hear that. Are you still going to go to clays?

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    You could use this information and any reference number to make a subject access request to obtain the FEO reports etc to see were it went sour. its only costs a 10 to a wealth of info on the inside to see their point of view about you if they even recommend or didn't. anything they don't want you to see is will be blacked out like 3rd party input etc. but the summery and other information will be available. takes about 30days to get it all and then you plan you appeal around it.

    Don't give up there been people refused SGC more then once and often passing other vetted certificate from higher authorities, then a SGC holder had been refused, but success appeal against it. I was in stitches at reading that memo even my lungs were hurting.


    R&D is fun :) BULLSEYE

    Lol The government will ban gun slings and holster from the public to prevent criminals from carrying guns...

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    Mike: I don't wish you to answer this question if you don't want to, but is there anyone living in your house, or with access to your house, or a close friend or relative, who has any kind of police record? I've heard of this being a reason for refusal before. I remember one case in which a woman with an immaculate record was refused a certificate, then we discovered her son had form for numerous assaults and other crimes. Just a thought...........
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    There is no one with a record apart from me, albeit that on each refusal they continue to mention my wife, this relates to the domestic in 2004, where she was violent, not me, I ended up ejecting her from the house at that time. Nonetheless, I am continuing to shoot, went shooting last Saturday and best I have shot for a long time. I had originally sought the FEO report back in 2015, lists issues from when I was under 14 and the incident in 2009 only. I am not giving up and I will re-apply at some point in the future, once I have sought legal advice on the matter and whether considered an appeal may be successful. Funny, thing is that the FAO when visited advised that there were individuals out there that had done far more than me and had SGC licence and also thought I would be OK and granted. But they have no control over the end decision despite what they may say or report back to the deciding officers. Will be seeking legal advice on my return from hols and will let you all know the advice.

    Best regards

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    Its a funny system. Someone i know got their firearms certificate last year and has a conviction for assault and didn't put it down on his application form.
    When the FEO came out for the interview the first thing he said is i see you have a previous conviction for assault why didn't you put this down? He just said he forgot, FEO was happy with it and told hi not to forget to list it when he puts in for his re-newell and he had his firearms granted.

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    Have you started your appeal yet?

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    No not yet, no rush, interesting comment from Bullseye, I will submit a subject access request and once I have those will then contact BASC solicitors for their advice on whether they consider an appeal could be successful, again no rush. Also to answer the query from Mike George, there is no one that has access to the house relatives or anyone else that has any criminal record. All of my family live in Scotland and the wife's family in Thailand. We are in London, a friend mentioned it could be the area I live in and the police wanting to restrict licensing in built up areas. However, nothing to back that assumption up. Either way I am still continuing to shoot on a regular basis.

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    I suspect it's the domestic from 2004 that's the problem and although it wasn't your fault the words domestic ring alarm bells when it comes to having weapons in the house. Hope you can get it sorted.

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