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    Another new member introducing themselves and requesting advice please


    I am new to the site and wanted to post an introduction and ask for some advice please.

    I have shot from an early age with my father in local syndicates, I started off beating, then on to pigeon roost shooting before being allowed to shoot with my father next to me on a peg. Roll on 25 years and I'm still at it.

    Having lived all over the country we will now be settling in North Yorkshire and although I have shot ducks on flight ponds, flooded fields and rivers, I have never been to the foreshore.

    I have the BASC wildfowling booklet which is great, however I feel my ability to wildfowl is severely hampered by not having a dog that can retrieve ( Boxers don't really want to know!). Am I right in this assumption?

    We have a lot of geese near us at the moment hitting the stubbles and drillings and seeing them flight over, even though well out of range, has got me itching to have a crack at Some proper wildfowling.

    Any advice on how to get started is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Thirsk, North Yorkshire

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    A bit of a late reply but how far are you prepared to travel? From Thirsk, it looks like your nearest areas are the Humber and Hartlepool. Both areas have wildfowling opportunities. If you do a search via Google you should get more info. Good luck with it.

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    Hi Charlie .... welcome to the Forum!

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