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    ATN X-Sight II HD Review

    I have recently purchased with my own money an ATN X-Sight II HD 3-18 digital scope. I have wanted one since the 1st version came out and now they are on version 2, I pulled the trigger as they say and spent my hard earned cash.
    I am a computer consultant by trade and love shooting and this just tickles me that both of my pleasures have been met. This scope costs a lot of money and I did my research on all the normal Internet places and review sites and went for it.
    As you may know, my YouTube channel is aimed at honest and unbiased reviews on air rifle products and I am not scared to give the dirt and the praises on equipment. So the ATN falls nicely into this remit and I hope it helps some people.

    So as I produce the video series, I will update this post with the episodes so that anyone else who is thinking about mortgaging their house to buy this 750+ scope knows what they are getting themselves into.

    I hope you enjoy my crappy video editing skills, I am no professional, but it is honest warts and all. The final video will eventually link to all the episodes and maybe give conclusions as to whether this is the scope for you or not.

    Episode 1 - Unboxing and basic information on the scope and its features

    Episode 2 - Setup on a rifle and the operation of the scope menus - Contains brief range finding and night scope usage.

    Episode 3 – Zero’ing, Range Finding and Ballistic Calculation Testing – Contains live shooting footage from the scope.

    Episode 4 – Night Scope footage and shooting

    Episode 5 – Is it really HD quality ?
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