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    Dog food confusion

    Hi all. I have a 16 month old Springer and am trying to decide what to change her food to as James Wellbeloved doesn’t agree with her. I want to keep her on a purely kibble diet for convenience, but am not sure what to change her on to. I have read recently that grain is bad for dogs, and having a high protein content in food won’t make a dog as hyperactive as people previously thought; however there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice out there so I was just wondering what people here feed their dogs on and how it was working for them?

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    If you want a top quality cereal free high protein kibble try Eden Holastic.
    Its expensive but as its high protein you feed less than the cheap ones with lots of cereal. Could work out cheaper in long run as its healthier for the dogs.

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    good link, thanks for this

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    After much research I moved my lab over to Eden just before Christmas (was on Skinners Field and Trial before). It is a very high protein food when compared to similar products but all of the protein is easily digestible and there are no fillers. Must be tasty too as it disappears quickly enough!

    As has already been said, it is a bit more expensive, than other foods but you will find that you feed less. For example, my active/working 28kg lab is on about 290g per day. Eden also have a helpful Facebook group (if you're into that) where thy respond very quickly to any questions or queries.

    Don't listen to any rumours about high protein foods making dogs hyper as it's all hearsay. Eden is about as close as you can get to a raw diet without actually feeding one.

    I have no affiliation with but when I was looking they offered the cheapest prices (saves you looking around) and when we had some courier issues they were sorted extremely quickly. I don't hesitate to recommend them.

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