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    Sounds great. Can't wait for mine to come through!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOTN_Will View Post
    Sounds great. Can't wait for mine to come through!
    I was exactly the same mate the wait killed me lol. Hope yours arrives soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benkent View Post
    Little update brought myself a Browning 725 sporter 2 last Saturday and put on my friends certificate. Got home from work on weds to find a brown envelope containing my certificate so it was off to my mates to transfer over and collect my shiney new Browning from his safe. Been out twice with it now and love it.
    Exactly the same as me....same gun! As well BUT I applied for SGC in October, got gun in November
    SGC CHeque was cashed two weeks ago!! at least I am getting closer. Put about 1500 cartridges through it so far, trouble is if I fall out with my mate he wins a nice gun��

    Edit....mine is actually a 725 Sporter S1

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