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    Home Visit

    Evening people got my home visit on the 23rd brought my gun safe yesterday just got to bolt in place. I've recently moved and have a new doctors which I've not visited yet. Got a letter today from my them asking me to make an appointment so they can respond to Kent police which is fair enough as they have never seen me before. Think they changed the procedures with doctors and they now have to add a marker to your notes to alert police if there is a change that could affect you having firearms.

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    Hi Ben .... welcome to the Forums!
    Good luck with your visit - I'm sure it'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1066 View Post
    Hi Ben .... welcome to the Forums!
    Good luck with your visit - I'm sure it'll be fine.
    Hi Les cheers mate hopefully been reading all the basc rules so I'm clued up on them if they ask.

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Had my visit from the FEO a few weeks ago, Supplied him with Coffee and all good

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    I can do tea or coffee I'll get some posh Waitrose biscuits as well lol.

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    Lol cheers for the info mate I'll ensure I have them in stock. Installed safe today all solid and doesn't move.

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