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    Advice of license being revoked please

    Hi everyone,

    My dad has a firearms/shotgun license and has done for many years. Unfortunately my mother is an alcoholic (recent event) and is so bad that we believe she may start shoplifting. My question is this; if my mother gets a criminal conviction will this impact my dad's license? Can it be removed from him if someone else living in the property has a criminal record? I have tried to look this up on the internet but have had no luck. I had a look at the license renewal form and that doesn't ask you to list other occupants in the property, but I did wonder if someone at the address gets a conviction would it automatically flag up when dad next renews his license. Sorry this is so long winded but my dad would be devastated if his guns were taken away and he is having a miserable enough time of it as it is!

    Many thanks for any advice,


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    I have no idea if it will impact your Dads licence but i would join BASC just in case.

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    Hi Temps,
    I may be wrong here with my limited experience, but from my understanding it shouldn't affect your dads renewal as whether she has a conviction or not she wouldn't be allowed access to the guns, or know where the keys were. I suppose it could come down to the individual licensing authorities and how they are interpreting it though.
    Standing by to be corrected and put in my place...

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoozer View Post
    I have no idea if it will impact your Dads licence but i would join BASC just in case.
    Many thanks for your response, I will look into it.

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    Hi, thank you for your reply. She doesn't have access to either the cabinet or the keys.

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    I think the only person who can give you the correct answer would be the local FEO. A phone call, with a brief "what if" type question, without any names, should get you an answer.

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    Oh dear.
    There is no yes or no answer to this. In one sense it shouldn't matter as she doesn't have access, but on the other hand it can be of concern to the police on a basis of what if she managed to get hold of the key, or if it ever caused a domestic.

    As to joining BASC for support in case the sticky stuff does hit the fan based on experience I suggest not wasting your money, I have found them to be worse than useless at anything other than collecting membership fees.

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