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Thread: BASC or NRA?

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    BASC or NRA?

    I'm currently in the process of joining the NRA, not just to open the door to full bore shooting, but also to make use of their insurance in case any legal issues arise. However, I was wondering if it's also worth joining BASC as I hear they also help with legal issues.

    Thing is, I hear whispers that BASC really just don't seem to care when people get guns confiscated for unfair reasons etc and don't really lift a finger to help the people affected when it all boils down to it. I don't know how much truth there is in that, but I've heard that from a couple of sources.

    I have diagnosed asperger syndrome and consider myself lucky to actually hold a FAC. I always worry that an issue will arise concerning my aspergers. All it takes is one spiteful ignorant individual to call the police asking your guns are confiscated because they wrongly believe your ASD makes you a risk and before you know it you've lost everything. You hear about it all to often.

    For this reason I really just want to be a member of a decant organization that I know will have my back if something goes wrong. Does anyone here know if the NRA will do a good job, or should I join BASC as extra back up?

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    Hi there, I would definitely recommend SACS, not only are you insured for a modest yearly fee but will also give advice and legal help. Alex Stoddard from SACS made all the difference in helping me through my SGC. Just remember all, BASC and NRA are not the only options.


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    You can join as many as you want, there no restrictions. I am currently with the CSPA, members have insurance cover all legal shooting include non-fac airguns etc but its a clay shooting organisations so their magazines etc might not be benefit to you.
    As for the BASC I joined when I was younger, but meant to call me back on legal issues and still to this day waiting for that phone call and so I never renewed. they too cover all their members with insurance regardless of type of gun
    I am a life member with the NRA of America soon to upgrade to endowment & then patron by the end of the year. even got a free leather jacket too without asking they contacted me on my jacket size but NRA US has no legal standing in the UK. but get store discounts etc when visiting the states. CPSA & BASC members may get discount at certain RFD too.
    there's a UK NRA too but never heard of much about them.
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