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    Good evening all.

    I haven't been around for a while.

    I'm after some advise on what barrel length DT11 Black to go for.

    At the moment, I've got a 692 Black Edition and I love it. Barrel length on my 692 are 32" and I seem to shoot it quite well on the Skeet. Normally hitting 22-23 average out of 25 out of 3-4 rounds using 1/4 and Skeet chokes.

    I'm keeping my 692 Black.

    I had a 690 Black 30" barrels and also used that on the Skeet scoring similar scores using Full/Full chokes.

    I'm thinking 30" for the DT11 Black. I am very lost at the moment. The reason for this is that I love the feel of the DT11 Black and the weight/balance of it.

    I find my 692 Black 32" perfect on the long range clays. Then again I haven't used a 30" on long range clays in a long time.

    I quite fancy a 30" DT11 Black as I will be keeping the 692 Black 32".

    What do you think. I'm totally lost. I'm also going to get a pro's advise by getting some tuition on Skeet and Sporting clays. Maybe the tutor might put me straight.

    kind regards

    Tony Shotgun

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    32" barrels tend to be different to handle than a 30" barrelled gun, though you already use a 32" gun so are used to the way it swings and handles.

    My own preference after having 30" barrels for years is 32" barrels as I switched over to them last year or so and have seen my scores improve drastically and my style of shooting. My 30" gun just sits in the cabinet, maybe one day it will come out for a session.

    I shoot mainly Skeet and just missed getting in the county skeet shooting team last year using a 32" 725 pro trap, which I love espec with the high rib on it. I use this gun on what ever discipline I shoot and stick to using one gun 99% of the time. I also have a 525 32" sporter with a trap fore end as my back up gun, bought this first as there were no decently priced s/h 725's around at the time. Both the 525 and 725 are keepers for me.

    Rob, is probably the best to give advice on this matter as he is a top coach.
    Can't beat having a day out shooting clays.

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    If you are use to a 32" inch and get on well with it then go 32" again as its less to learn all over again.
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