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    Thumbs up Army & Navy C.S.L Boxlock Ejector.

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on the forums.! I am a 29 year old Veterinarian living in Cyprus and a huge fan of British SxS shotguns. I own a few of them and i take care of them better than i take care of myself. I recently purchased an Army & Navy C.S.L ble with damascus barrels from a local dealer, and he bought this gun from UK, from the son of an old fella who passed out 4 years ago. (may he rest in peace) I have e-mailed the University of Glasgow about the history of the gun and also got the original records but the maker of the gun is not listed in the records sadly. I will pass some pictures of the gun, along with the mail from Glasgow and i hope you can help me find out the maker, at least educated guesses will be much appreciated! The gun has 30" barrels and they are as in proof when i measured them (729) and is choked CYL - 3/4. It also has a rare ejector mechanism called Anson ejector(is marked behind the extractor iron). Thank you very much and i am very glad to be here!

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    That, Sir, is a beautiful gun.

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    Thank you sir! Any ideas who might be the maker of this gun people? i will upload 2 more pictures that was sent to me by Glasgow.



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    I May be wrong but It looks to me like a Webley screw -grip. With intercepting sears. Nicely finished. The sculpted fences and good quality engraving show it is an excellent shotgun. Is it Nitro Proofed?
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    Looks like an old style Webley action
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    Yes sir it is Nitro Proofed

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