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    Cool ultimateforce air shotgun

    Hi Everyone

    I purchased my first PCP air gun

    its a rare sub 12ft air shotgun in .35 un-rifled barrel and uses unusual shot carts or normal pellets which chronoed below 12ft but very slow in speed 250fps you can see the pellet in flight like a crossbow bolt but 5 grams makes up for it. its based on a falcon pcp. also uses the crosman trapmaster cartridges too and filled with N0 8 shot not sure how well it do at clay shooting like ABT etc possibly fire 10ft ahead of the clay pigeon!.

    I am thinking about bluing the barrel, and remove some of the scratches etc, but its an rare gun not sure to restore as it could harm value. also want to get a muzzle thread adapter for a suppressor or homemade chokes to 8.8mm which is improved cylinder to modified to hold patterns better. anyway I've uploaded of photo of the gun and shotshell even compare a .22 to a .35/9mm
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