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    Guided pigeon shooting

    I know this topic will cause a lot of divisive opinion, but I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for guided pigeon shooting in the South West...

    Yes, I agree that in an ideal world I wouldn't be paying for this and by doing so just compounds the problem of professional guides taking all the shooting, but the bottom line is that I don't have my own pigeon gear or land to shoot over. The day job is stressful at the moment so I'm just exploring the options to take a day off to do some shooting.


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    I remember several years back woodspring bay shoot used to do a few pigeon shoots outing a year. not sure they do them now. think Dennis is retired and the club is ran by someone else.
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    if you cant find any land to shoot and you dont mind paying then give it a go,
    if you do a serch on google think theres a few that offer days out, guns on pegs is one you could look at.
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