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    Hi All,
    Before I start let me say that I am definitely NOT thinking of doing this, it was a passing thought I had while chilling in my garden/procrastinating before mowing and one flew over.
    I think I know what the answer would be, however:
    If someone flew a drone over someone's land would they legally be allowed to shoot it down?
    For this example let's say it was private land with no public rights of way and there would be no potential for any harm to come to a member of the public.

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    It's already become an issue in the US. Quite a few have been shot down. If I remember correctly, the FAA is claiming that it has jurisdiction, because drones are aircraft, but the situation seems to be unclear.
    As for the UK, who knows? What seems certain is that drone usage will become increasingly common and, as is the case with most new things to which an existing body of regulation does not apply, increasingly regulated.

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    I believe that:
    • ownership of the airspace above your house is severely curtailed, much like the mineral rights beneath it
    • a drone would be classed as portable property of the owner - much like a cat or a dog kept as a pet
    • if you shot it down, then much like a cat or a dog, you'd have to justify your actions in destroying someone else' property
    • justifying your actions might succeed if you could show a genuine threat to life if the drone continued to fly (in much the same way you can kill a dog that's out of control / endangering / attacking someone)
    • you wouldn't, in the case of the drone, have the available defense of protecting livestock (though arguably, sheep could be just as lethally-terrified of a drone as a dog, so maybe the law needs a change here)
    • for things like invasion of privacy, you have recourse through the civil courts, whereas your action in destroying the property would be criminal and therefore more serious.

    I'm not a lawyer and that isn't legal advice, but that's how I understand the relevant laws and would expect them to operate.
    In short, as satisfying as it might be to knock down the remote-controlled camera that's spying on your wife in the shower, don't.
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    Yeah agree with the above, the CAA says its illegal to fly Unmanned aircraft with so many feet from a building and person. but the limit get stricter if it has a video camera on board.

    As above the airspace and mineral is not owned by the landowner. so popping off a drone would result in criminal damage if can't be properly justified. drones owners can be charge with Harassment under the 1997 act and even anti social behavior if recklessly using them and is another offence under CAA also.

    It worth specking to the owner if you know whos it is, if they still continue to do it, is then report them to the police.

    Shooting it down could result in a revoked certificate, if the police think you recklessly damaged someones else property. Its very hard to get a certificate back after revocation but the other person and buy another drone and start over.
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    It has been done on several occasions in the past and was well documented in the press. To say it wasn't a good idea is an understatement.
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