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    Just sent off my my SGC, some opinions needed.

    Firstly hello all I am new to this forum.

    I am aged 20 and I have been shooting since I was 14-15 years old. My dad is a SGC holder. Back in 2012 we sent off for our SGC together and I was refused (Not banned from applying again) because of an anti-gun therapist I was seeing at the time. Now I am putting in for it again but there may be a few issues.

    The main issue is I suffer from Anxiety and I take a small dosage of sertraline for my anxiety, it is not perscribed for depression, and I do not suffer from depression, nor have ever self harmed or done anything stupid as to take my own life.

    I have visited my doctor and he doesn't have a problem with me having a SGC, and wasn't concerned about anything so I sent it off. I am also a member of BASC, and I even work at a shooting grounds regularly.

    I have never been in trouble with the police for anything, I don't have a history of violence or anything of the sort.

    I just want your opinions on my application, is it likely to be granted, like I said, I am a member of BASC and I hope if anything goes wrong BASC could step in and help me out.

    I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be granted, I know people who take much stronger medication than I and are affiliated with a biker gang and still have a SGC. My doctor is fine with it, I'm not in therapy for anything so fingers crossed this time round.

    Take it easy guys.

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    A few have had or have medical conditions that will add extra time in getting a SGC. No doubt the police will require a doctors report as you will need to declare it on your application form.

    A lot will depend on what your doctor puts on the report and the FEO team in your area, I among others have had similar illnesses and have been granted SGC's.
    Can't beat having a day out shooting clays.

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    Hi .... welcome to the Forum!
    The only person who can give you a definite answer to your concern is the FEO. All you can do is put your application in and hope for the best.

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