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    FAC Magic answers?

    Donít worry, Iím not really expecting magic answers, just advice.

    As a young man I have always wanted to get into all aspects of shooting, but as someone with no friends that share similar interests, I knew it would be difficult!

    The idea was to get my shotgun licence and gun then learn to shoot it at a clay range. This would get some shooting experience which would in turn give me the confidence and small amount of knowledge to approach farmers / land owners, even small shoots to gain the access / ability to get some game shooting done.

    So here is the FAC boggle!

    I naively expected to be able to apply for my FAC and do exactly the same thing with a FAC rifle, but my local gun shop tells me that this is not so!

    No experience or land to shoot on = no licence?

    So yes I can do a DSC1, combined with a couple of stalking days but I donít think that will swing it!

    I could even join a gun club but the probation period may take 6-9 months.

    You may ask why the hurry? Well for one I may get hit by a bus next week and two, I have only had my shotgun licence for 6 months and it was an absolute ball ache to get my doctors to participate, in the application process. My local firearms licencing office told me on the phone the other day that if I get my FAC application in smartish then they probably wouldnít even bother with contacting the doctors again.

    So can anyone give me any advice on the fastest / direct route to a licence?

    Thank you for taking to time to read all that!
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