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    Is it really worth the cost having a collection of chokes

    An unexpexted trip to North Wales shooting ground turned into a good day out on Tues.

    As I have been shooting a lot of skeet recently trying to get some more illusive 25's out of 25's after having got my first a short while ago, and after a disaster in the West Midlands intercounties competician. Caused by a few silly things some mine and some due to unforeseen things like a big fly landing on the rib right by my eye as I was about to pull the trigger (could only happen to me).

    Since the intercounties I have not been out shooting due to one thing or another and as I collaped a couple of times the day before another skeet competian at Fauxdegla resulted in myself having to call it off

    I had a call on Mon night to go for a day out at North Wales shooting ground which is a great ground for skeet shooting (until now all I have shot there), normally we go for the skeet layouts so as usual left the skeet chokes in. Instead of skeet we decides to try the sporting, DTL and high towers out.

    Surprised myself on the sporting, as did pretty well aprt from a left to right fast high crosser which I could not pick up on and to me was a slow rising teal right in front of us. hit some of them, though at a guess I would say I shot above them, on the whole was happy with what I had done.

    Next for me was the high tower and still with skeet chokes in, think it surprised us as I only missed a couple, and would of thought the pattern produced by the chokes would of been a bit wide and wholey.

    Next was a move on to the DTL layout which I probably only ever shot halve a dozen times at the max. Again was surprised I managed to hit most of them again, with the ones getting away were on the second barrel and I waited far to long to pull the trigger for the second shot and the clay was on it's way down.

    I was impressed by the days shooting and that it was all achieved by using skeet chokes, fair enough the breaks were not dusted but they were clean breaks and not chippy, just need to repeat it again next time.

    To me it's a plus one for having the gun set up to put the shot where one is actually looking and either having the confidence to shoot with what ever choke you have at the time and get the sight pattern / lead right.
    Can't beat having a day out shooting clays.

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    Well done mate. Sounds like your getting the hang of this clay busting
    daffodils in winter,,, i dont belive it,,,?

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