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    Reaction gap/ time. What is it ?

    I have been asked this quite a few times over the years as it's gotten about that i've taught shooters about it and it really helps with just about any targets but particularly fast ones.

    A reaction gap is the gap you place at your hold point between the muzzles and the trap/hedge/tree/corner of the shed etc from which the target suddenly appears. It's actually the gap between your hold point and pick up points. If however you use it as part of your pre pull!/shot routine it's a little easier and can actually replace the two for just one if you get my drift ? giving you a little less to think about as a reaction gap is easier to do than thinking about the other two. It's basically slimming your thoughts down a little which tightens your routine up, which can only be a good thing right ?
    If you go back to the trap/tree/hedge/shed corner etc too far you have no time to react smoothly onto the target. Basically you panic and throw the gun towards the target or bird but either pull/push/swing off line or stop the gun as you pass the target shooting over it and almost always look at the gun to line it up, all resulting in a miss of course.
    However.....if you bring your muzzles away from the tree/hedge/shed etc at least a 1/3rd (or even 50%/ half way if the target is very fast ) of the targets trajectory but very slightly under its flightline and call for the target/bird, you should be able to see the bird coming to the guns rib and about to go just over it if you focus for the target just a little way away from the blocking object (tree etc). This actually seems to slow things down so gives you more time. This bit of the targets/birds flight to the gun is your reaction gap or reaction time. The time you have and indeed need to get the gun onto the target properly in order to get the line right which is what most shooters get wrong. Very often shooters will get the lead (leed) right but the line is wrong so are under or more often over the target/bird because there was no reaction gap set up before calling for the target or bird appearing over the trees. Don't be tempted whatever you do though to bring the gun backwards to the target as it appears as you will never catch it again. As the target/bird is coming to the gun, mount up into the cheek while keeping the muzzles with but just under the target while mounting. The target should be in your hard focus but the gun should be very close to your hard focus so as your peripheral vision can see it easily without actually looking at it. Then as the stock hits the cheek, smoooooothly pull/edge away and BANG!
    So give yourselves that reaction gap/time.
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