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    Petition for a fair and consistent firearms licensing service

    How would you feel if you received this from your doctor? If you are keen to receive a fair and consistent firearms licensing service, please sign the Countryside Alliance e-lobby now and ask the Government to review the system which is causing total confusion, while delivering none of the safety benefits we all hoped for: You can sign here
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    Done, but have no faith in my MP as they have been previously caught altering emails to make it look like the sender was threatening them, which made the newspapers.
    Can't beat having a day out shooting clays.

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    Had to do the same with the EEP license was to print of a form for the Dr too fill in a charge me 20 and then send off to them electronically. From start to finish it took 9 month for the license plus an interview with the HO officer. its now long expired and with all the acid attacks and bombs, its really hard to find a willing countersign.
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    Lol The government will ban gun slings and holster from the public to prevent criminals from carrying guns...

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