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    Really struggling for spare part - Franchi cocking lever

    Hello all,
    newbie here.

    i pre-inherited a few shotguns last year. one of them was a 1980's Franchi Alcione/Diamond over/under.
    in my haste to service the gun, as it hadn't been used for 10+ years, i inadvertently broke the "Cocking Lever Push Rod" in the Fore-end, which resulted in the gun not cocking.

    i've searched high and low, tried lots of local gunsmiths, Franchi direct to no avail. Franchi told me they do not stock it any longer, and then told me they can only answer to gunsmiths. Gunsmiths have not been able to source the part.

    i have tracked the item down to - its an $11 part, but frustratingly they will not ship abroad. i had a relation in the US last week and even phoned them to see if i could order and ship to him, but they then accused me of encouraging him to break the law exporting this item, and they wouldn't accept my UK credit card. Needless to say, they scared the poop out of me, so i aborted and still stuck without it. (on my research, it appears that the item in question is not a US restricted item as it is not a complete trigger unit and not part of a combat shotgun).
    They won't allow me to ship to a US forwarding mailbox due to the non-US credit card.

    i've asked a couple of gunsmiths the likelyhood of machining their own one, but i've be told its likely to cost 10x the cost of this item. , not good when i am on a budget.

    Does anyone have any idea how i could secure this part reasonable cheaply? I've a beautiful O/U shotgun i want to use but currently can't. I'm currently stuck using my local clubs clubguns.

    thanks in advance.

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    The Franchi importers these days are GMK ( Have you tried them? Franchi are now owned by Beretta, and spares for guns made during the Beretta ownership are available. The same can't be said for guns made in the 1980s and before - in fact, when I worked in the Sporting Gun office in that era scarcely a month went by without at least one reader asking me if I new how to source Franchi spares. I feel that GMK are your best bet at this time - but no promises. You can phone them on 01489-579999.
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    Thank you Mike. Very helpful.
    GMK have told me that they don't have them in stock, but should be able to obtain them. They will only supply to a dealer local to me rather than me directly. I've asked a local gunsmith to make contact with GMK to see about availability and cost, and currently waiting to hear back. i feel a bit embarrassed as its such a small and (hopefully) cheap part, i don't want to hassle the gunsmith too much and have currently left matters with him whilst he investigates

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    I've been in the same boat for the last "several years over gun spares.
    Plentiful supply in Canada and America.
    Neither will ship to each other and none will ship over here.
    last time I checked almost any mainstream gunshop has the part I need.($16 worth)
    like you the part required is "inert" and couldn't be used to fire a shot unless you legitimatly
    owned the rest of the gun.

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    thank you Coalman.
    i think i'll need to be patient and see how the local gunsmith gets on with GMK or i might have to bite the bullet and get the part machined. the gun isn't that valuable, just sentimental.

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