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    Shotgun recoil pad advise please

    Hi all

    I think this my first post here so please bear with me

    Basically, I have a lanber that I like and I want to put a softer pad on it. It has the standard pad on but after a busy day I can feel it. I have looked at kickeez but I would like one softer really, a friend has a really nice soft pad but we have no idea wot make it is...I just wondered if anyone here knows of a make that fits the bill weather it be a reputable name or just a cheap one that happens to be really good

    Many thanks


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    There are many softer pads out there and most will be fine but you need to check out several gun shops and see what they have. But don't forget the pad needs to be the right thickness to make or keep the gun fitting correctly. Putting a thicker pad could possibly make mounting difficult and the comb too low. Putting a shorter pad on could possibly make the stock a little short though that's better than being too long but may make the gun shoot higher.
    Before you do anything else though try using a softer cartridge. Or maybe a 24g or even a 21g cartridge as that will help a lot. Don't to fooled by thinking you have a better chance of hitting stuff with a 28g cartridge as that's often not the case at all. Put any cartridge in the right place and it will break the target.. Put any cartridge in the wrong place and it won't break the target.
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    Thanks for the reply, and the advice

    It's got an 18mm pad now and I might be tempted to go to 25 as the slightly lower comb seems to make it fit even better than it already does I think, tho I haven't tried shooting it with a 25, and I didn't know a shorter pad could make it shoot high. This is my only 12g so as well as clays it sees plenty of 32 5's for game. I'm just feeling the love for it at the mo so was wanting to make a couple of improvements
    Oh by the way, are the posts always most recent first or us it how I'm set up, it just seems odd


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