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Thread: Lantra course.

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    Lantra course.

    has anyone non professional done the test?
    I don't want to become a pest controler.
    Living in a rural area once in a while I need to control the resident vermin.
    After the last change in 2016 I could't buy "a bucket" off full strength poison exceeding 2.5kg
    Although I could buy any amount of 1.5 kg buckets at the same strength.
    difenacoum, brodifacoum, flocoumafen and bromadiolone.@ .005%
    At the end of this month quantity will be reduced to 150g for loose bait and 300g for block type.
    strength will be reduced by 50% (obviously price will increase for the smaller amounts)
    lantra online course takes 6 hours with a 40min test at the end.
    17/25 gets you the bit of paper at a cost of 60 to allow you to buy decent poison in a reasonable amount.
    Do I stock up now or bite the bullet and pay to get the "qualification"
    Been using poison/traps for the last 20 years with 0 non target casualties.

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    its well worth 60, does it expire. I've already got a half tub of poison since 2000 but found traps better since I only get small mice. even the .22 smoothbore pistol works well, just a bigger gat gun
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