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    Beretta 690/692 advice

    Hi, new to the forum and first post.

    I bought my first gun before Christmas, a second hand Beretta 692 (2013) for £2000. Long story short I’m not very happy with it and the RFD has offered to give me my money back against another gun in stock - which is where my predicament is.

    They do not have another second hand 692 for me exchange it for so my options are get a brand new 692 (silver action) for another £700 or ‘downgrade’ to a new 690 black edition.

    I’ve done a fair bit of reading online and cannot see any big differences between the two (for someone with little knowledge of guns anyway)

    My question is, what are the the main differences between the two, and is the 692 worth the additional £700 over the 690 Black?

    My budget was around the £2000 mark, but I don’t mind forking our the extra £700 if the 692 is worth the extra money.

    Thanks for your help!

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    The 690 has steelium barrels and shorter forcing cones. It also has a single selective trigger and is known to have ejector issues in the trade. Weighs around 7.80lbs but varies a little depending wood density.

    The 692 has steelium plus barrels which really means a long conic/taper of 380mm which really makes it back bored.
    It has a single selective trigger that is adjustable. Weighs very similar to 690 depending wood density.
    The 692 had a few problems with ejectors and pins shearing. There are reports of guns falling apart out there as well because of it.
    Also wood swelling on the new Berettas when wet, resulting in it being impossible to open the top lever .
    Frankly at this stage the differences won't make you shoot better other than the trigger position may be more comfortable when in the right position on the 692.

    I'm a massive fan of Berettas but I won't buy a new one. I would rather have a mint 10-35 year old Beretta any day. Generally the older the better as they were built properly.
    My advice would be to find a mint s686s or a mint 686 E or a 682 Gold E.
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