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    Buying a Blank / P.A.K pistol

    Hi guys,

    Iím a bit of a newbie here and am just trying to get some straight answers. I was interested in buying a Glock replica/imitation gun, mainly for stripping and blank firing. I have narrowed my search down to the following pistols;

    - Bruni Glock 17 9mm blank firing pistol
    - Zoraki 917 9mm P.A.K
    - ISSC-M22 9mm P.A.K

    I love the look of all of them, however I naturally donít want to be straying outside the limits of the law so was wondering if you guys could help.

    The Bruni I can purchase in the UK without any problems, but just want to double check Iím well within my rights to buy this pistol?

    The Zoraki and the ISSC, I can purchase online from abroad although I am unsure of the legality of this. Naturally I donít want a visit from armed police due to my niavity in a part time activity I wish to take up.

    Lastly, what if any, is the difference between a blank firing pistol and a P.A.K pistol?

    Any information you can give me will be most appreciated.
    Thanks for your time guys.

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    you can have any blank firer you want as long it meet the UK specs. The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (Specification for Imitation Firearms) Regulations 2011
    The specifications referred to in regulation 3(1) are that—
    (a)an imitation firearm must incorporate an inclusion;
    (b)the inclusion must be wholly made of a material which is at least as resistant to being cut, drilled, bored, ground (or any similar process) as sintered tungsten carbide in the range 1550-2000 HV 30(1);
    (c)the inclusion must wholly block the barrel and should be permanent and incapable of being knocked out without destroying the chamber or barrel;
    (d)part of the inclusion must be incorporated into the rear of the dummy barrel; and
    (e)the inclusion must be intended to prevent—
    (i)the creation of a hole through the dummy barrel along its axis; and
    (ii)the removal of a dummy barrel, unless the frame and chamber area of the firearm is rendered useless as a result or its integrity so compromised that it cannot be used to form the basis of a firearm without significant repair or addition.
    The Bruni Glock 17 meets this requirement, note there is no caliber restrictions I think the other pistols you mention are forward venting which won't meet this requirement.
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