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    Hi guys. Advice on first gun please.

    Hi everyone. New to the forum and the world of shotgun shooting.

    I've owned air rifles for a number of users but finally applied for my license and now in the market for my first gun. Unfortunately due to some personal circumstance changes my but has dropped from 1200 to 650.

    I've found a nice good condition Bettinsoli Diamond Delux, 12 gauge multi choke gun which I'm going to view this Saturday with the intention of buying if the price is right. But was wondering if anyone on here could offer me advice on a potentially better gun within my 650 budget which still has some nice engraving, decent wood and most importantly is reliable as I've read as few stories about Bettinsoli and Lincoln guns not lasting maybe as long as they should?

    Any advice is appreciated and taken on board.

    Thanks. Nick.

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    Hi Nick and welcome to Shootinguk.
    It's very strange for this forum for someone not to of answered your post by now.
    Have you bought the gun yet or any other gun ?
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