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    Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    Hi everyone, my brother and i do quite a lot of rabbit shooting on our farm. We have previously always used a big spotlight for night shooting, i've never felt we've had much success with it and it requires both of us to be there. Therefore i want to get a gun mounted laser sight or a gun mounted spot light. I'm looking at the Hawke tactical Laser kit Here or this tactical gun light here . I don't want to spend more than 60.

    Does anyone here have any experience using either for night shooting, as to which would be more useful. Or a combination of the two as detailed on the first link. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers.

    If it makes any difference were using a BSA Lightning (carbine +silencer) .22 with a hawke 3-9 x44 scope.

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    Re: Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    The combo would be the way to go.
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    Re: Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    The problem with laser sights- besides having to part with a large wad of cash for a good one- is they don't help at all with identifying both your target and your backstop. The only effective solution I've found for solo nightshooting is a good light mounted on the gun. I'd be skeptical of any such light that used LEDs unless I'd actually seen it work in the field because none of the LED lights I've seen have the necessary range.
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    Re: Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    Yep! I`m with Bob on this one.
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    Re: Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    The LED lights i mentioned would easily have enough range for us i think. I doubt we rarely shoot at anything over 30m so the 90m range of the LED model i posted should easily cover any eventuality. Cheers for the advice!

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    Re: Night shooting- Laser Sight or Gun light? Which is more use?

    hi, I tried a green laser, you can get these from that "auction site" I was surprised with the quality for the price and you can actually see the beam unlike a red laser you just see the dot, unfortunately it seems the rabbits could also see the beam and it spooked them off!

    I mostly use a shotgun for rabbits but take my Walther G22 with me fitted with the green laser its zeroed it to about 40yards if the rabbit isn't dead I use the laser not the scope for quick acquisition to finish it off it saves having to make another loud bang!

    however the laser would be useless without a good spotlight to spot the rabbits in the first place id recommend a tracer from deben there more then 60 but I'm sure you could pick up a second hand one for less, fitted with a red lens this should do the job nicely Ive used one on a air rifle before, my experience of LED lights is there OK if its pitch black but they do not have much of a beam, i think the (tactical combo) of laser and light is more for close combat room clearance type stuff and not really meant for rabbit shooting.

    in my opinion a laser only really helps with range if the dot is in the centre of the crosshairs at 40 yards anything more then 40 yards the dot will be lower, closer then 40 yards it will be higher and you can adjust your aim accordingly this will be more noticeable the further the laser is mounted away from the scope and that's if the laser is mounted on top of the scope im not sure how it would work mounted on the side of the scope (from side to side i suppose)

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