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    Removing pellets from pheasants

    Hello, I am not used to eating much game but I would like to eat much more in the future e.g. pheasant. One disincentive, however, is the occasional pellet in an otherwise tasty mouthful. I would be grateful for any tips regarding locating pellets etc at some stage in the preparation / cooking / eating process prior to the sound of teeth biting into metal. Many thanks.

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    Re: Removing pellets from pheasants

    I mostly breast my pheasants, and can feel if there's a pellet inside the meat when I'm washing it. It very seldom happens though - the pellets nearly always go right through the breast and just leave holes. I never look to see where they finally rest! I guess next to a bone somewhere.

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    Re: Removing pellets from pheasants

    Granville is right, you can normally feel them in the breasts and it is pretty obvious where it has been shot when you skin or pluck them.

    If you are really concerned about it then cut the affected meat off and only use the clean piece. I would also advise removing any substantial clots from the area also.

    You can also buy mini metal detectors to find them put so long as yor not blind then you'll know where it is.
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    Re: Removing pellets from pheasants


    Most pellets will go straight through, so you often won't discover any - but in reality it's no different to eating fish and watching out for the bones.

    In my experience - it's rare to find more than 1 or 2 in any bird.

    It's usually quite obvious where the pellets have struck - especially if skinning the bird as part of preparation.

    The pellets can then simply be traced back from the hole and removed with a knife or tweezers etc.

    It's really not much to worry about!

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    Re: Removing pellets from pheasants

    I have recently developed a lead magnet specifically for the purpose of overcoming this very issue, which retails at a modest price: by a happy coincidence, the exact same price as four boxes of Hull CompX 21g cartidges.

    Any correspondance to the effect that the magnet is in fact a straw with one end stuffed with blu-tack will not be entered into.

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