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    Day Out

    Second of our little syndicates shoot days today.Glorious sunshine was ordered and duly arrived(that's my excuse anyhow!)Literally lost a couple of birds in the sun,and by the time I'd picked them up again they were well out of range,but a nice crossing cock splashed down cleanly killed which my terrier retrieved.Was using Hull Sterling game cartridges which I'd been given;32grm 6's,and have to say the recoil was mild and more of a shove than a punch.
    The gun next to me killed another cock,which my dog retrieved to me,much to my embarrasment.
    After beating the next drive,and having to avoid one of two Roe does running full pelt back through the wood(which my dog chased of course!)it was my turn to stand again.In the middle of thin silver birch looking towards thick conifers,this time with my back to the sun,I just in time spotted a shape drifting through the tree tops as silently as a glider;swung through and down it came about two yards in front of me,stone dead.Dog picked it up and took it for a wander before dropping it about 10 yards away!
    Didn't get another shot on that drive.
    Tiffin time as usual in the garage of one of the syndicate members,it's a big garage with plenty of room for guns,beaters and dogs,where we polished off a 10 year old bottle of damson gin(don't worry,it wasn't full even when we started).
    Beat a thinned out wood full of briars which snagged and tripped at every step,but great cover for birds.
    Was next standing on the edge of a coniferous wood facing a few leafless Ash with the sun behind and highlighting the tops of the few yellow/orange leaves of silver birch and setting on fire the withered remnants of Rosebay Willowherb(which are magical at this time of year)when a hen quartered towards me at tree height.Missed with first barrel but brought it down dead by whipping through with the second.Dog disappeared in the long buff grass in search of the bird but returned some time later birdless and breathless.She then took off after a cock my neighbour brought down.
    Someone shouted 'cock' and I'd just picked it up when it dropped a wing and jinxed down into the undergrowth untouched.Another nipped out when i wasn't looking but picked it up quickly and it twirled through the air as it plummeted into the grass and disappeared.
    We found the cock,the hen and the woodcock,all dead.
    Can recommend these cartridges;very smooth and hard hitting.
    Three pheasant and a woodcock for seven shots,but as I'm a positive thinker I'd emptied two boxes into my cartridge bag!
    Thirty eight pheasant,two woodcock and a pigeon.
    Does anyone know of thin but waterproof/breathable shooting clothing?Far too hot for traditional gear.
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