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    I hate to gloat but...

    Tragically I have been selected to fly to Cyprus in May for 2 weeks on a clay shooting tour ! Its a tough job but someone has to do it! Does anyone have any experience with Airline "approved" travel cases? What should I be looking at? I will only be taking one gun with me. Any tips would be greatly received.
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    At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, you won't find a better case than an Americase but I don't know if they are available there in the UK.
    Forget the "airline approved'" tags. Look for a locking case made of heavy gauge aluminum sheet with quality hinges and reinforced corners. The simplest way I know to ensure the sheet metal is strong enough is to place the empty case flat on the floor and stand on it in the middle. If it buckles it isn't strong enough. As for hinges, a high quality case should only close and latch if the lid is properly aligned. Weak hinges will allow it to latch when misaligned. A caution about locks- key or combo lock will usually suffice but adding a padlock guarantees that the case satisfies any airline, at least here in the US.
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    P.S.- Why do you say you hate to gloat when you so obviously (and understandably) ARE gloating?

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    Ah well, can't win them all mate.
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