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Thread: Shooting Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBASC View Post

    I suspect that a court would take a dim view of someone shooting a cat simply because it was having a dump in a veg patch.

    Yeah,it's flawed logic isn't it?My neighbours cats are free to crap all over my lawn and garden,but if I allow my dog to return the favour on theirs I'm liable to prosecution.
    Domestic cats are allowed to roam over property at will,doing untold damage to small mammals and birds,yet my dog can be rounded up by a dog warden and on some properties legally shot,for roaming free.

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    Not always Ed I had one cat, that was put down by the RSPCA because it was wondering around one the neighbours house, but since they had lots of cats and moving they were all put down including my cat!

    allegedly there was another neighbour that had to take their cat to vets because someone had poisoned it?

    I don'tknow if it was the new neighbours or the old ones that did the deed? My other cat and other neighbours cat are fine now, I must think it had been the old neighbour?
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    Lol The government will ban gun slings and holster from the public to prevent criminals from carrying guns...

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    Decent catapult and use an ice cube.
    Ice cube melts...

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    I've got nets over all my veg to prevent cats getting on it. A couple of the neighbours have them and I don't really want to fall out over hurting a stupid cat.

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    I bought an electronic cat scarer - works on a high frequency/ultra high pitch sound, which scares them away. About 35 off ebay. Plug it into the mains. See this link: Pest_Control_CV&hash=item4ab3f84c97

    The bu**ers still walk round the walls, but don't come a leave "presents" in the garden any more!


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