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    Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever retrieving fallow from river.

    Why was the deer in the river??.
    What happened was I took a long shot 310 yards with my Burris electronic scope that gives you computerised information on where to shoot, but there was quite a bit of cross wind. The deer was close to the river and ran about 1000 mtrs crossing a stream and jumping two fences, but all the time it was losing ground to the other deer so I know he was hit hard. I then followed a blood trail for quite a time but lost it after a bit. I then rushed home and got one of my Tollers and took her to the shot, she tracked it for about 2000 mtrs and found the deer but he was still very much alive and ran off down a bank and into the river with Meg in hot pursuit, I then took a neck shot at about 60 mtrs and killed it. This is where Meg (Decoymans Piper Rubinola) our Toms daughter took over and made the retrieve by its ear. She did a good job, no doubt her father's blood was passed on to her. Thank you Riverbreeze Sir Déjà vu of Decoymans and Decoymans Piper Mellanita for my little river duck/deer gun dog.
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    Brilliant Well done.
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