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    What type of Air Gun

    I thought that it would be interesting to find out what is the most popular type of airgun used for vermin control, Is it spring, gasram or is it PCP and do any of you still use a pump-up.
    I have used them all over the years and now for the past five years have only used spring and gasram both 12ftlb and FAC.

    Current Airguns that I use are,

    Theoben Evolution .22 12ftlb
    Theoben olimpus .177 12ftlb
    Webley Patriot .22 FAC about 24ftlb
    BSA lightning .22 12ftlb


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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    I run an Air Arms S410 12ftlb PCP in .22

    It is used on rabbits, rats and pigeon plus plinking with my kids.

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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    having shot with air rifles since i was a young boy tried most guns etc.. gas spring pre charged it got be a rapid seven... no contest.....stubbo

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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    Weihrauch HK100 .22 for rabbits and pigeons. very good, if not slightly heavy.

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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    Air arms s400 classic walnut , it will easily knock a bunny over at 50 yards with logun penetrators and a well aimed head shot .Accurate powerfull and elegant i love mine.

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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    Have shot spring air rifles from childhood, had a break to play with bigger toys, and have now returned.
    Complete convert to PCP - better trigger release, can be moderated very successfully, and none of that feeling of mechanical mayhem going off by your ear when you fire.

    Tried an Air Arms s400 -very elegant and (brought a tear to my eye) available left handed, but in the end went back to my roots with BSA, and bought a cheaper Ultra multishot in .22 and haven't regretted it.

    I do a bit of feral pigeon control at a farm where the Ultra's short length makes it ideal for use in barns etc

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    Re: What type of Air Gun

    Theoben MFR in 0.20
    BSA super10 BBK 0.177
    HW100 sportster in 0.177
    Are my current stock, previousley had a Daysyate Airranger in 0.177 Very heavy but beautiful to shoot. and a BSA Super 10 Std barrel in 0.177and a BSA lighting xl in 0.22

    I like precharged as they allow better range.
    The quest to eradicate the bunny carries on!!
    Many a bunny went under the gun in a vain attempt to feed my hungry tum.

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